• the mother half of the podcast duo

  • the OG renaissance bitch

  • wife, businesswoman, blogger, momager to Claudia

  • makes the occasional youtube video

  • on the cusp of being a baby boomer and gen-xer

  • current fave starbucks drink: venti vanilla sweet cream cold brew

  • current fave cocktail: pomegranate tequila and fever tree lemonade with lime

  • passions: scrapbooking, cooking, planning, books, instagram, spirituality, coloured drinks, art, travel, movies, podcasts, bravo housewives, self-help, exclamation marks(!), flowers, coffee, and a good tile floor

  • speaks fluent german and has been a constant member of her one woman kaffeklatsch since 1965

  • enjoys a good piece of dark chocolate

  • loves the look of all lower case letters, especially while blogging

  • appreciates a good bullet list

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Veronica Norris

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