Vanilla Bourbon Peach Cocktail Recipe

If you listened to our second episode of the podcast, “YAY It’s Spring!” you might remember me saying that the Bath & Bodyworks candle Claudia was loving would make a delicious cocktail.

As someone who likes to keep a promise, I went straight to the liquor store and got some Jack Daniels. When I googled it, however, I discovered is technically not a bourbon 🙁 … oops … I should have grabbed the Knob Creek, lesson learned!! And then I had to proceed to another liquor store to locate and procure the peach schnapps. (I’m feeling sort of southern talking about bourbon and peach … hence the fancy language of procuring … can’t you hear that being said with a warm southern drawl??!!)

Ok enough with the rambling digression!! Back to the cocktail!!

When I first started concocting this libation in my mind, I wanted to make a vanilla infused simple syrup, but then I was worried that the whole thing would end up too sweet, because any inspiration cocktails I googled were also using iced tea, and even though making syrup isn’t hard, it was fussier than I wanted. Initially, I was also thinking a martini type drink, but I decided a bourbon based cocktail really screams for a tumbler and ice and mint!! Quickly, the martini glass got pushed aside!!

In the end, I really loved how it tasted and it got the thumbs up from both my hubbie and Claudia!! Claudia also had to admit that peach might fall into the category of summer, not spring!! We all agreed that this cocktail will be perfect for sipping on the front porch swing … oh right, we don’t have one of those, but a girl can dream!!

Yummy Peach Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Vanilla Bourbon Peach Cocktail

1 oz of bourbon (or whiskey – your choice!!)
1 oz of peach schnapps
1/4 – 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
4 oz of mango peach iced tea (I used SunRype brand)
mint to garnish
Stir together first 3 ingredients, you could get fancy and do it in a cocktail shaker, I did it in a measuring cup!! Add iced tea and stir again. Pour into an ice-filled tumbler. Garnish with lots of fresh mint. Sip and enjoy (on that porch!!)
I am planning to make this by the pitcher for my first summer BBQ… if the snow ever stops falling!!
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