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In Episode 7, Veronica and Claudia are talking all things SUMMER!! A new season is here, and the duo is sharing their likes and dislikes for it, reminiscing about a place that’s always summer (Los Angeles, California), talking about the deck they built and they sing way too many songs related to/talking about summer. Also, Claudia over sings some of the songs from the “Frozen” soundtrack and Veronica learns what “Glow Up” means. They also share the best-kept s’more secret, talk about a summery story from when baby Claudia *almost* died (okay, she just fell into a lake!) and remind you to wear sunscreen during these warm months!

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What is your favourite thing about summer?

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  • Indoor s’mores hack from Veronica’s blog (it’s a bit old and we weren’t really editing photos at that time – how things have changed!!)
  • Bookclub (coming soon!)
  • Summer Cocktails from Veronica’s blog archives … but still tasty!!
  • Before & After of our deck (coming soon!)


Summer Quote

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