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In Episode #6 Veronica and Claudia are back!! The break was longer than either mother or daughter wanted (or expected!) so for your listening pleasure, they uploaded their longest episode yet! They talk about their mother daughter travels in P.E.I, Canada & Las Vegas, USA! Veronica talks about her obsession with reality TV … mainly “The Bachelorette” and HGTV, and Claudia shares her road trip travel stories. They talk about Costco and their love of Starbucks and hope the coffee company will sponsor them in the near future.

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  • Episode 6 curse from Happier in Hollywood
  • New Starbucks Sandwiches (V loves BanhMi, C loves Caprese … and we thought we had issues with updating our website … corporate giant Starbucks has obviously not updated their website in a while!! Makes us feel a whole lot better!!)
  • The BEST Travel Snack Mix Recipe (Coming Soon!)
  • PEI Guide (Coming Soon!)
  • See Claudia’s mug obsession here
  • Las Vegas Guide (Coming Soon!)
  • Beauty Counter


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Thanks so much for breaking the 6 episode curse with us!!! Talk to you next week!!

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