Hi! We're Veronica & Claudia Norris and we're taking the podcast world by storm!

We’re not psychologists, geniuses, or famous... yet *wink wink*, we haven’t written any books, signed a record deal, had our own reality TV show or started the next big business (BUT – we’re open to all those things!!); we’re just a regular 52 year old mom/wife, Veronica, running her business and family from home and a 23 year old daughter, Claudia, following her musical and entrepreneurial dreams.

We have good days and bad days and we probably spend way too much time together working, laughing, talking, crying and fighting... leading us to sometimes wonder: "WTF’s up with her?!"

Between the two of us, we love books, movies, Instagram, travel, food, makeup, Disney, scrapbooking, business, planners, reality TV, decorating, shopping, art, music, photography, museums, fashion … honestly, the list would be shorter if we just listed what we hate!! We call ourselves "Renaissance Women" though we like “Renaissance Bitches” better.

So if you’re a mother, a daughter or both; if you’re wondering what a Renaissance Bitch is; if you share any of our passions or just want to have a drink (alcoholic or non, we don't judge!) with your favorite mother daughter duo you've come to the right place!

Join us every Monday for a mostly serious podcast with a little crazy and a lot of laughs. This is our mother daughter take on the world!

Veronica & Claudia Norris

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