The Mini Podcast

In Episode 5, Veronica and Claudia record their first MINI episode! It’s under 20 minutes long, but as the saying (maybe?) goes, good things come in small packages haha! Veronica and Claudia talk about what’s been going on behind the scenes at The Mother Daughter Podcast… everything from iTunes issues to corrupted episodes, it’s been crazy! Veronica also talks about getting stuck at the airport and Claudia SINGS!!

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Episode 5 of our podcast yet, what are you waiting for?! You can listen on iTunes, SoundCloud, our Podcast Feed or right below to hear The Mini Podcast:


Would you like us to do more mini episodes?

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  • We were trying to remember this quote: “the best laid plans often go awry” so we we’re right!!


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Thanks so much for joining us for our fifth podcast!! Talk to you next week!!

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The Shopping Podcast

In Episode 4, Veronica and Claudia talk all about SHOPPING!! They discuss #BulkShopping, share hilarious shopping stories and fails, mother/daughter tips, their personal do’s and don’t’s while shopping and somehow boobs come up much more than expected! They also talk about Veronica’s “shoe-session” (shoe obsession) and Claudia’s adult choice to wear two different shoes. If you […]

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The All About Books Podcast

In Episode 3, Veronica and Claudia talk about books!! The best books, worst books, books that changed their lives, inspiring authors and rainbow-coloured libraries straight out of a Pinterest pic! They also discuss all the pros of getting locked into Chapters and why it would be the best! If you haven’t had a chance to listen […]

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Yummy Peach Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

If you listened to our second episode of the podcast, “YAY It’s Spring!” you might remember me saying that the Bath & Bodyworks candle Claudia was loving would make a delicious cocktail. As someone who likes to keep a promise, I went straight to the liquor store and got some Jack Daniels. When I googled […]

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The Yay It's Spring Podcast

In Episode 2, Veronica and Claudia talk about all things SPRING!! They debate the “springy-ness” of peach, Veronica keeps it “moving right along” and Claudia “spits out the wisdom.” Claudia also reminds Veronica she’s not a tree and Claudia learns the truth about the Easter Bunny. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Episode 2 of our podcast yet, […]

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Rice Krispie Treat Recipe - The Mother Daughter Podcast

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The Intro Podcast

In Episode 1: The Intro Podcast, Veronica and Claudia talk about themselves and their new podcast; W5, Renaissance Bitches; what listeners can expect in future episodes and some upcoming topics. They laugh a lot, somehow talk about fishing and also wonder if they can figure out how to get onto iTunes… *spoiler alert: THEY DO!* If you haven’t had a chance to listen […]

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